Dental implants substitute the roots of lost teeth, supporting thus a crown that will restore the function and aesthetics of the lost tooth.

When the patient’s anatomical conditions are suitable, it is possible to place provisional acrylic crowns, attached to the implants, on the same day as the surgery. These are called implants of immediate loading.

Who can be sedated at the dentist ?

Sedation may be indicated for people with:

  • Low pain threshold
  • Inability to stay for a while in the chair without moving
  • Many sensitive teeth
  • Vomit reflex
  • Very extensive oral rehabilitation

Sedation can be used in children?

It is well known that children tend to barely cope with the anxiety of going to the dentist’s consultation, which often manifests itself in a total lack of cooperation . The sedation solves this problem by reducing the number of queries , facilitating the dentist’s work.

The way one’s teeth fit and hold on to the jaw bones has great influence in the body’s posture. So, avoid headaches and difficulty to chew, by controlling occlusion. You should also protect your teeth and the mandibular articulation from an extra overload originated in tooth grinding or bruxism.

The treatment of the root canals, when made with dental microscopy and followed by a protocol of mechanical instrumentation, has an enormous level of success. With these techniques you can avoid teeth extraction for many years.

The monitoring and control of oral health of the infantile group and their mothers may prevent premature losses. During pregnancy, women experience an hormonal alteration, which affects their oral health. In children, the phase of development of the dental structures, is the ideal time to intervene, if needed!

Would you like to have your teeth straight? Aligned? Do you have difficulty chewing and brushing your teeth? Orthodontia manages to implement a good functioning of the stomatognathic system by giving a more favorable positioning and distribution of the teeth.

The smile is our best business card. You can ask us to see what it is we can make to give you the smile you always hoped for. At Bright Dental Clinic the minimally invasive techniques used, change smiles.

Be it fixed or removable, there are countless solutions to fill in the empty spaces left by dental loss. Every tooth has a specific function. So, the absence of these teeth can lead to serious deficiencies in chewing food, an unnecessary wear or overload on the remaining teeth. This is not an aesthetic issue!

The root, the bone and the gums must be healthy. Bleeding to the touch or any dental mobility, are not a natural, or normal condition, and should thus be treated. The proper maintenance of oral health is directly related to the periodontal health and equilibrium.

An oral hygiene appointment is the less expensive way to maintain your teeth healthy for many years. Monitoring your oral hygiene with a proper program outlined by a professional will increase the longevity of your dentition and give your teeth a lighter shade.

The use of a special Microscope for dentistry has revolutionised the industry, allowing a better visualisation of the surgical field enhancing the quality and longevity of the procedures. The diagnosis becomes more accurate and the treatments are less invasive each day.